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Jegor Pister Triptychon.jpg

Jegor Pister (b. 1994, Ekaterinburg, Russia) is an artist whose creative evolution transcends diverse disciplines. He received his Master of Arts in 2020 at Central Saint Martins in London. 
His work has undergone an organic evolution through disciplines, commencing within the realms of fashion through digital landscapes before finding its ultimate form in the shape of painting.


Jegors' work explores a variety of themes in pursuit of an iconographic image, ranging from eroticism and mythology to living characters. 
Subtle art historical references from the Greek Antiquity or the Art Noveau era appear in his paintings; always urging for a contemporary breath.

Rooted in hyperrealism and illusion Jegors' paintings speak from a place of decadence, a place which celebrates excess yet inhabits the raw weight of decay. 

Jegor received a scholarship from Alexander McQueen in 2020 and showed his Masters Fashion Collection as part of London Fashion Week.

Transformed into his new form, he is ready to manifest his new body of work within the art world. 






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